7th edition – March 2019, Bucharest, Romania

At the occasion of the 4th ENSP-SRP International Conference on Tobacco Control held in Bucharest, Romania between 27-29 March 2019, ENSP had the pleasure to award the following persons and organisations with the ENSP Award for Outstanding contribution to Tobacco Control, in the same country where the Award Ceremony was born 5 years ago:

H.E. Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis – President of Romania

  • Conf. Dr. Diana Loreta Păun
  • Dr. Ramona Brad
  • Prof. Dr. Antigona Trofor

  • Dr. Lucia Lotrean

  • Dr. Monica Marc

  • Dr. Ioana Munteanu
  • Dr. Corina Mărginean

  • Marius Eremia

  • Teodor Cristian Blidaru
  • Horea Chirilă
  • Maria Isabelle Pîslă

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29 March ENSPx020: Environmental Issues and Tobacco Webinar

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