A Throwback to the 8th ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control

The echoes of the 8th ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control still resonate as we reflect on an event that encapsulated knowledge, collaboration, and a shared commitment to a tobacco-free future. The ENSP Board, Secretariat, and Conference Committees extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, delegates, and volunteers for their invaluable contributions to the success of this extraordinary gathering.

Throughout four impactful days, we welcomed nearly 300 attendees from 41 countries, fostering a global dialogue on tobacco control that transcended borders. The rich program featured 40 sessions, including two pre-conference workshops, with a total of 160 presentations. Notably, the conference marked a historic first with the inclusion of 6 “Meet the Expert” sessions, offering deep insights into critical facets of tobacco control.

One of the first highlights was the compelling virtual address by the Head of the Secretariat of the WHO FCTC, Dr Adriana Blanco Marquizo. Her insights reinforced the urgency of our collective mission amid ongoing challenges from the tobacco industry. The upcoming Tenth session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC (COP10) and the Third session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (MOP3) were emphasized as critical moments in advancing the global fight against the tobacco pandemic.

A Journey of Tobacco Control Achievements Acknowledged in Florence, Italy

The 41 diverse sessions held during the #8ENSPECTC provided a multifaceted exploration of critical themes shaping the tobacco control landscape. Themes covered during the conference:

  • Tobacco Control Policies
  • Tobacco Treatment Delivery
  • Research in Tobacco Control
  • European and International institutions and their role
  • The role of civil society
  • Innovative solutions 
  • Youth and Tobacco
  • Tobacco and the Environment
  • Tobacco Control Economics
  • Smoking cessation
  • Denormalisation of Tobacco
  • Tobacco Induced Diseases
  • Nurses and Tobacco Control
  • War and Tobacco
  • Human Rights
  • Tobacco and Cancer
  • Tobacco Industry Interference
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to tackle tobacco use and prevention
  • Meetings of different EU projects

From the lab to the real life: Extra-activities that forged new formal and informal connections across the network

A special acknowledgment goes to our vibrant youth group, ENSPNext, whose enthusiasm infused the conference with a new dynamism. Side activities and interviews organized by ENSPNext provided a platform for emerging voices, amplifying the youth’s role in shaping the tobacco control landscape.

During the second day of the conference, participants had the extraordinary opportunity to engage in a captivating group activity that seamlessly combined the allure of Florence with the shared commitment to combat tobacco. For three hours, this event took teams on an exploration of the city’s iconic landmarks, while raising awareness about the tobacco burden among people of Florence in a quest of completing specific tasks tailored by ENSPNext members. The ensuing awards ceremony added an exciting dimension to the conference, acknowledging not only scientific achievements but also the collective spirit and ingenuity displayed during this unique group activity.

Moreover, during the Closing Plenary, the ENSP Secretary General had the pleasure of awarding extraordinary individuals and organisations from Italy with the ENSP Award for Outstanding Contribution to Tobacco Control.

The Conference continued with the ENSP General Assembly, where members reunited the second time for this year to discuss the current matters of the network and to elect new Board Members:

  • Ms Raquel Fernandez Megina, President of Nofumadores (Spain) elected as a new Board Member
  • Prof Loic Josseran, President of ACT-Alliance Contre le Tabac (France) re-elected as a Board Member
  • Prof Maria Sofia Cattaruzza, President of SITAB (Italy), re-elected as a Board Member

In the spirit of openness and collaboration, we encourage everyone to revisit the conference experience on our YouTube channel. The aftermovie captures the essence of the conference, providing a visual journey through key moments and interviews with our esteemed speakers. Search for the hashtag #8ENSPECTC on all social media platforms to relive the discussions, insights, and impactful moments shared during the conference.

As we say ciao to the 8th ENSP-ECTC, we eagerly anticipate the future. Stay connected, stay inspired, and join us in looking forward to the 9th European Conference on Tobacco Control, where we will continue to advance the cause of a tobacco-free generation and ultimately, a tobacco-free world.

Together, we are agents of change, and we are committed to achieve a tobacco-free generation!

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