ENSP Monograph: 25 years of Tobacco Control history in Europe

The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention was born 25 years ago with organisations, but above all, people who recognised their responsibilities in relation to the health of citizens in Europe. They were committed and willing to engage with developing public policy, but also a real never-seen-before culture change. At a time when nobody could hope or imagine it possible, they believed in a smoke-free Europe and declared war to the tobacco industry.

Initially funded by the Europe Against Cancer programme, a network of national coalitions was established by a group of experts to coordinate smoking prevention actions, following the “Vinci resolution”, agreed upon in Italy in 1994. After three long years of the administrative process, ENSP was officially created in 1997. Registered under Belgian law as an international nonprofit organisation, it was run by a permanent secretariat, supervised by an Executive Board.

Celebrating this year the 25th anniversary of ENSP is not only paying tribute to the dedication, sweat, blood, and tears of all the experts, decision-makers and advocates, who have been working tirelessly to tackle this pandemic of modern times, but is also an amazing testimonial of the journey of all the achievements and the incredible progress in tobacco control.

Read the 25th years anniversary Monograph here

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