Genesis and Objectives

In light of the alarming prevalence of tobacco use, particularly among European adolescents, ENSP took a proactive step by establishing a group of dedicated youth. This initiative is aiming to cultivate the next generation of tobacco control experts while also addressing the pressing issue of tobacco consumption among young people. The members of the group have the chance to interact with ENSP seniors and more experienced partners to enrich themselves with experiences and knowledge and become future leaders in the tobacco control field.

The ENSPNext was officially launched during the 2018 ENSP Capacity Building Event in Vienna, Austria. Initially an ad-hoc working group, it gradually expanded with additional members. The group met both online and in-person, leveraging other ENSP meetings to foster communication and promote youth-oriented initiatives within European Tobacco Control efforts.

Membership and Expertise

This group consists of prominent scientists and experts who contribute to solving this European and global epidemic. The members of the group have the chance to interact with ENSP seniors and more experienced partners. Based on this, they enrich themselves with experiences and knowledge, as well as prepare themselves to be the future leaders in the tobacco control field.

In 2023, a total of 43 members, coming from 14 different countries, managed to expand the expertise to other communities. The group continues to expand every year with additional members and advisors.

Main approach

Our primary focus is to encourage and create a tobacco-free generation. All this is made possible through training for new tobacco control advocates, allowing us to provide national assistance with resources and skills as well as create cross-border and interdisciplinary information exchange. Hence, we maximize the public health impact of Europe’s collective youth tobacco control efforts.

Fighting the Tobacco Epidemic and Shaping Future Leaders


ENSPNext strives to shape young people into tobacco control leaders. Our goal is to operate at both national and European levels, fostering a generation free from the burden of tobacco and any associated novel tobacco products. Therefore, we tackle the use of evidence-based research in policy and practice to work together towards our common goal of informing and preventing youth from being lured into a lifetime of addiction.


The mission of ENSPNext is to carry on activities in order to accomplish the general ENSP mission and vision, as mentioned in the Statutes. As a group of advocates in the tobacco control field, ENSPNext’s mission is to give space to youth members of ENSP member organizations and linked organizations to participate and gain experience in cross-generational dialogue, strengthening tobacco policy research, and prevention. ENSPNext, through opening doors for collaborations for youth with individuals of ENSP member organizations, as well as through cooperation between organizations. Additionally, it carries out capacity-building activities for advocacy action and tobacco policy changes, building a generation of advocates for societal change.


ENSPNext strives to foster young professionals into competent advocates in the tobacco control and prevention field, underpinned by a core set of values:

  1. Empowerment of Young People: They are committed to enhancing the capabilities and influence of the youth, fostering their active participation and professional growth.
  2. Cooperation: They believe in the power of collaboration, fostering partnerships across national and European levels to achieve common goals.
  3. Positive Societal Change: Their efforts are geared towards creating a healthier society by advocating for a generation unburdened by tobacco. 
  4. Transparency: They uphold transparency in all their actions, fostering trust and accountability within their operations.
  5. Integrity: They adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that their actions align with their mission of tobacco control and prevention.
  6. Evidence-Based Approach: They emphasize the importance of an evidence-based approach, leveraging sound research and data to guide their advocacy and interventions.

Strategy areas and subareas of activity

ENSPNext defined its strategy for the future through three main pillars of action. Its purpose is to expand the network, raise awareness, and forge partnerships in order to build capacity in the field and keep the topic of tobacco control at the top of the public agenda.


Pillar 1: Research and Capacity Building

Pillar 2: Advocacy and Policy

Recruitment Campaign

Every year, a recruitment campaign is conducted through the European Solidarity Corps platform in order to enlarge the ENSPNext community and raise awareness among the young generation. The profile of these candidates has to first match the conditions of ENSPNext enrollment: to be under 30 years old and have experience in public health, EU-related topics, tobacco control, or advocacy fields. These requirements are essential in order for them to be able to contribute to internal and external communication, as well as participate in meetings and conferences.

Moreover, ENSPNext is actively recruiting volunteers by launching every year an internal call for volunteers, offering the possibility for ENSP members to delegate a representative for the Youth Group.

Let’s connect

If you are interested in our work and would like to stay up-to-date, you can follow us on our online platforms, where you can also contact us if you have any questions.

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