Invitation to youth workshop: New technologies and novel tobacco products

How Big Tobacco has become the contemporary Pied Piper and possible solutions from youth advocacy: the case study of TFAC

Be part of change! ENSPNext and the Sapienza University of Rome are looking forward to joining efforts with YOU!

Youth is widely recognized as our future, and their impact on European trends and policies is undoubted, both by the Tobacco Control movement and the Tobacco Industry. Who will win this fight will significantly affect the future of the next generations and several health outcomes. Implementing the FCTC and achieving a Tobacco Free Generation by 2040, as set in the Europe Against Cancer Programme, are the main directions recognized by the Tobacco Control community. The TFAC initiative aims to minimize smoking prevalence and the use of tobacco products, and to identify and counteract the tobacco industry’s interference. TFAC has made it their goal to accomplish significant advances in youth involvement and engagement, fighting disinformation and providing valuable insight into core Tobacco Control issues, while training youth as new tobacco control advocates.

As part of this initiative, we aim to join efforts in assembling a large audience of medical undergraduates as well as master and PhD students to an innovative online workshop on:

  • New technologies and novel tobacco products
  • Tobacco marketing techniques
  • Data on smoking prevalence among young people (HBSC project)
  • Big Tobacco’s new tactics to engage young people in tobacco addiction
  • Youth advocacy: what is it and why is it fundamental? The case study of TFAC as an example of youth advocacy
  • Q&A with experts and fellow advocates in the field

To organize the workshop we require your support in gathering a minimum of 200 students until 15th May 2024 to become the tobacco control advocates of tomorrow. 

Are you a student and want to join this workshop? As a participant you will gain valuable insight into what it takes to be a health advocate, in times when new technologies revolutionize several aspects of health care. A signed certificate of attendance will be issued to you, and you can look forward to special surprises, which might be landmarks in your career as a health advocate. Register now and share the news, to be sure the workshop will be held! 

Are you a health worker, academic, or NGO representative and want to join the effort, join the change? Contact us at and be part of an ambitious team of professionals and medical students active in organizing this workshop.

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