Prof. Nazmi BILIR

MD. Professor of Public Health and Internal Medicine.

Works at Hacettepe University Institute of Public Health, Ankara.

Member of Advisory Committee of Ministry of Health.

Member of Scientific Committee of Tobacco Regulatory Authority (TAPDK).

Founder and past president of National Coalition on Tobacco Control (SSUK).

Participated in Parliamentary discussions of Tobacco Control Law in 1996 and its amendment in 2008; actively involved in and wrote the report of Global Adult Tobacco Survey in 2008 and 2012.

Performed several studies on implementation of Tobacco Control law, tobacco use behavior, graphic warnings, smoking cessation and has written several reports and books in this field.

International Youth Day – “Taking Control: Youth and Tobacco Awareness” Webinar

In a world where the influence of the tobacco industry can be insidious, it is imperative...

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208 Organizations Call on UN Committee to Recommend Stronger Tobacco Control Policies

ENSP is honored to join Action on Smoking and Health and a total of 208 signatories...

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Call for abstracts for the 8th European Conference on Tobacco Control in Florence, Italy

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the 8th European Conference on Tobacco Control,...

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