Personalised CANcer Primary Prevention research through Citizen Participation and Digitally enabled social innovation

At 4P-CAN, we believe that preventing cancer is a joint effort that involves citizens, professionals, and decision-makers. Over four years, we will unravel the risk of cancer at the national (macro), community (meso/mezzo) and individual (micro) levels. By following the European Code Against Cancer recommendations and blending implementation research, social sciences, behavioural sciences, and cutting-edge technology, 4P-CAN pioneers personalised tools for cancer prevention through co-created knowledge and Living-labs.

4P-CAN is on a mission to tackle major modifiable risk factors for cancer, including smoking, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, excess body weight, preventable infections, and environmental pollution like radon. By understanding barriers to policy implementation and individual adherence to healthy behaviours, 4P-CAN will improve primary prevention activities and reduce inequalities in Eastern European countries. With the collaboration of 17 organisations from 11 countries, including both EU and non-EU Balkan countries, as well as Western EU countries, 4P-CAN is dedicated to achieving these goals and fostering a healthier future.

Within the 4P-CAN Project, ENSP will coordinate WP2: Multi-level Assessment of Cancer Risk Factors Preventive Legislation. This Work Package will include a multi-level assessment of the policies, legislation, and regulatory framework for cancer primary prevention (CPP) main risk factors – smoking, alcohol, sugar and food, excess body weight and PA, HPV and HBV infections, air pollution – implemented in the countries of 4P-CAN.

More information about the project can be found here

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