Call for participation: ENSP Tobacco Free Advent Calendar 2023

We are more than happy to announce that the second edition of the ENSP Tobacco Free Advent Calendar (#TFAC2023) will be soon launched. In collaboration with the Organization for Medical Students Cluj (OSM Cluj), ENSPNext aims to raise awareness about nicotine as a stress factor, providing evidence-based insight into the biomedicine and physiology of stress and stress management.

Starting on the 1st of December 2023, this Advent Calendar will be available to the public, featuring interactive materials, captivating videos, and opportunities to win prizes, all within the festive context of Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year. By the 24th of December, participants can anticipate gaining a solid understanding of stress (causes, symptoms, management) and nicotine (detrimental effects of nicotine, nicotine dependence, smoking cessation) and have the ability to apply this knowledge in both personal and professional spheres. The goal is to maximize productivity, minimize stress, and eliminate tobacco and nicotine consumption. 

As for today, we are offering young professionals and organizations the possibility to contribute to this project either by creating content for the advent calendar or by disseminating this project to a wider audience. 

We are actively seeking participation from young professionals in the following fields:

  • Medicine
  • Psychology or Psychiatry
  • Neurosciences
  • (High school-) Students Counselors
  • Students*

We are offering:

  • Multi-national collaboration
  • An advocacy platform engaging a young audience
  • Access to diverse tools and opportunities for project development
  • A participation certificate

If you are interested in joining this initiative or if you have any further questions or wishes please reach out to us at: or

*High school students interested in participating are encouraged to contact us at the above emails.

For regular updates on this project, please follow the social media accounts of ENSP and OSM Cluj and subscribe to the ENSP Newsletter at the top of this page.

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