Announcement of the newly elected ENSP President and Board

BRUSSELS, 12 July 2022. The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP), the biggest tobacco control network in Europe gathering 80 organisations and national coalitions in 36 European countries, announces that Prof. Dr. Florin Dumitru MIHALTAN has been elected as ENSP President on July 6th, 2022 during the General Assembly organized within the 7th edition of the ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control .

As the Former President of the Romanian Society of Pneumology, Prof Mihaltan is a Senior Pneumologist, MD, PhD, FCCP at Institute of Pneumophtisiology „Marius Nasta” in Bucharest. With a reach scientific background, Prof Mihaltan has more than 500 articles and 20 books published. In recent years he has been the sole or primary author of various books and monographs on topics mainly related to: sleep pathology, respiratory failure, quitting smoking, homecare of severe respiratory patient and smoking prevention.

Besides being the Head of Pneumology Department (II) at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, in Bucharest (Romania), his international experience is extended to: National GOLD and GINA representative, member of the SPLF Council (2016-2021), and Member of ERS, ATS, CHEST, and OGP. He has been a Board Member in ENSP since 2016, while he promoted the fight against tobacco at the highest level in Romania, culminating with the contribution to the organisation of the 4th ENSP – SRP European Conference on Tobacco Control 2019, which was held from 27 to 29 of March 2019 in Bucharest, Romania, where his strong leadership skills were added to the set-up of the biggest ENSP Conference organized to this day, gathering more than 400 participants.

Taking over the ENSP Network leadership and its duties for the near future, Professor Mihaltan said: I’m looking forward to continue the fight against tobacco as ENSP President. ENSP has great achievements and a clear goal: to end tobacco in Europe. Together, with the big ENSP family we will succeed despite the strong tobacco industry opposition. The health of Europeans is more important than the profit of the tobacco industry, and our politicians must understand once for all this basic fact. We are waiting you all to join us, at ENSP, to protect our kids from the devastating effects of tobacco use.”

ENSP Board Members

In addition, during the General Assembly, elections for a few mandates in the Board have also been organised. Therefore, the Network is pleased to announce the new ENSP Board:

  • President: Florin Mihaltan, Romanian Society of Pneumology, Romania
  • Vice-President: Uliana Bakh, PROI, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Treasurer: Niels Thiem Kjaer, Danish Cancer Society, Denmark
  • Krzysztof Przewozniak, Foundation “Smart Health – Health in 3D”, Poland
  • Danielle van Kalmthout, Belgian Alliance for a Smoke Free Society, Belgium
  • Loic Josseran, French Alliance against tobacco, France
  • Luke Clancy, TobaccoFree Research Institute, Ireland

About ENSP

The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) is an international non-profit organisation, created in 1997 under Belgium law (identification number 16377/97). ENSP’s mission is to develop a strategy for co-ordinated action among organisations active in tobacco control in Europe by sharing information and experience and through co-ordinated activities and joint projects. ENSP aims to create greater coherence among smoking prevention activities and to promote comprehensive tobacco control policies at both national and European levels. ENSP’s top priority objectives are:

Media Contact:

Cornel Radu-Loghin

Secretary General

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