Bucharest Declaration on Human Rights and a Tobacco Free Europe


The 4th ENSP – SRP International Conference on Tobacco Control 2019was held from 27 to 29 of March 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.  This year’s main theme was “Tomorrow’s sustainable development starts now – time toaccelerate tobacco control!”. The message was strongly supported by H.E. Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis who opened the Conference along with the Head of Secretariat of the WHO FCTCVera Luiza de Costa e Silva.

The conference activities were completed successfully. A great number of speakers, delegates and volunteers contributed to the success of the event. The conference hosted almost 400 European and International attendees from 50 countries while the program included in total 44 sessions. 150 abstracts were accepted as oral and poster presentations and were published as a special issue in the official ENSP Journal – Tobacco Prevention and Cessation.

ENSP members adopted the Bucharest Declaration following the Global Forum on Human Rights and a Tobacco-Free World (26 March)and the ENSP-SRP International Conference exploring efforts undertaken by a wide range of international organisations, civil society, and scholars to translate the vision of a Tobacco-Free World into practice, recognize the value of combining efforts of the human rights and tobacco control communities to put an end to the tobacco epidemic.

Within the activities of the 4th ENSP – SRP International Conference, a symposium entitled “Building toward a complete cessation of tobacco smoking through harm reduction” was also held, co-organized by Global Bridges.

During the closing ceremony of the conference, Paris France was announced as the next city to host the 5thENSP Conference on Tobacco Control (ECTC) in June 2020.


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