Call for External Evaluator – 2022 ENSP Work Programme

The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) invites interested and experienced candidates to apply for the position of External Evaluator to carry out an external evaluation of activities relating to the implementation of the 2022 ENSP work programme.

The objectives of the evaluation are to:

  • evaluate whether ENSP performed in an effective and relevant way in 2022 to reach its key objectives within the eight work packages (Grant Agreement 101082461 ENSP FY 2022);
  • elaborate recommendations for possible corrective measures.

The evaluation will focus on:

  • the areas of ENSP activity,
  • the governance of the ENSP network.

The evaluation framework is:

  • the effectiveness of ENSP, including whether the work programme objectives have been achieved;
  • the relevance of the work programme in the frame of articles 3 and 4 of the ENSP Statutes;
  • the operational management of ENSP.

Time frame & Methods

The evaluation will look at activities run throughout the year 2022, and the actual work will be carried out between mid-December 2022 and mid-January 2023.

The specific indicators and measures specified in Grant Agreement 101082461 ENSP FY 2022 “Evaluation Strategy” will be used as a basis to measure the success of ENSP’s work in 2022. They may be revised or completed to adapt to different points of the framework of the 2022 evaluation.

Methods to be used can include desk research of ENSP documents and materials, face-to-face & telephone interviews, questionnaires, web-based polls, and other tools that are appropriate for the specific indicator.

The first draft report will be delivered to ENSP Secretariat by 20 January 2023.

The candidature for external evaluator 2022

The responses to the call should address the following:

  1. Proposal for the scope of the external evaluation of ENSP for the period of January-December 2022
  2. Overview of your approach to the evaluation and the desired methodology to be used
  3. Proposal for data gathering during the period
  4. Timeline
  5. A detailed quotation

Domains of expertise

We are looking for proposals from individuals or companies with one or more of the following evaluation expertise:

  • Public health (preferably tobacco control)
  • European public or regulatory affairs
  • Civil society organisations with an advocacy mandate
  • Communication with member organisations of an advocacy association

Applicants should indicate clearly their domain or domains of competence, as well as their daily rate and indicative total cost for the evaluation.


Candidates should be able to demonstrate that they have:

  1. not done business with and are not in the service of or associated with the tobacco and/or vaping industry, its liaison groups or daughter companies, or with any of their past ten (10) years or present activities,
  2. at least three years of professional experience in one or more of the above-mentioned domains of expertise,
  3. appropriate working knowledge of English.

Before signing the contract with ENSP, the selected candidate may be requested to present supporting documents.

Place of work

The place of work will be the place where the evaluator has his official (permanent) address or the ENSP Secretariat offices in Brussels.


6 weeks, starting on 15/12/2022. The expected evaluation should be completed and delivered by the end of January 2022.

Submission of applications

Please submit your offer electronically by 10 December 2022 to

It should be composed of:

  • A signed and dated offer
  • Evidence that the entity submitting the offer is legally established (e.g. the proof of registration/ an official document with the VAT number of the entity clearly visible)
  • CV of the evaluator
  • Any supporting documents as you may like to include

General Terms and Conditions

  • ENSP will not cover any expenses incurred by the respondent in putting their offer together
  • Offers must be submitted complete by the deadline to be eligible for evaluation
  • The balance payment will be made upon receipt of the final report

Conflict of interest

To ensure the independence of the evaluation proposals, on conclusion of their contract, the expert(s) selected will have to sign a declaration certifying that they have no conflict of interests for the evaluation concerned and that they without delay will inform ENSP if such conflict of interests should emerge during the course of the evaluation.

Throughout the evaluation process, the evaluators must observe the confidentiality of the information and documents brought to their attention during the process.

Further information

For further information, please contact Cornel Radu at

Please note that questions will only be answered two (2) working days before the submission deadline.

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