The official launch of the new EU Project 4P-CAN

4P-CAN (Personalised Cancer Primary Prevention Research through Citizen Participation and Digitally Enabled Social Innovation) is a HORIZON project (HORIZON-MISS-2022-CANCER-01, Type of Action: HORIZON-RIA) which aims, during 4 years, to build on an innovative vision to understand the complex system that surrounds the citizen, the person, and how it increases the risk for cancer on three major levels – macro (at the national level), meso/mezzo (at the community level) and micro (at the individual level). 

Following the European Code Against Cancer recommendations as a narrative reference and combining implementation research (including economic sciences), social sciences and humanities (SSH), together with behavioral sciences, and innovative technological approaches, the 4P-CAN project aims to personalize cancer prevention in Central and Eastern European countries. The project will focus on modifiable risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, excess body weight, HPV and HBV infections, and environmental pollution. 

The Kick-Off Meeting took place in  Bucharest, Romania between 16-17 May 2023

By co-creating knowledge and implementing personalized interventions, the project aims to improve primary prevention activities and reduce inequalities in several regions. Altogether, 17 organizations from 11 different countries are getting together to achieve these goals, i.e. Balkan countries (EU Member States and non-EU Member States), part of CEE: Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro; Republic of Moldova and Ukraine; and Western EU countries (Portugal, Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium).

During the Kick-Off Meeting, the official project logo has been presented and all WP coordinators delivered presentations related to each Work Package. 

Within this project, ENSP will coordinate WP2: Multi-level Assessment of Cancer Risk Factors Preventive Legislation. This Work Package will include a multi-level assessment of the policies, legislation, and regulatory framework for cancer primary prevention (CPP) main risk factors – smoking, alcohol, sugar and food, excess body weight and PA, HPV and HBV infections, air pollution – implemented in the countries of 4P-CAN. 

Please find here the 4P-CAN Press Release from 17 May 2023

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