Tobacco Control Advocacy for Health Care Professionals – 26 May 2017, Athens

The workshop <strong>”Tobacco Control Advocacy for Health Care Professionals”</strong> will be organised as a 90-minute interactive and hands-on training, which, apart from the presentations, actively engages the participants by providing them practical group task and following up with advice and evaluation.

<strong>Co-chairs:</strong> Cornel Radu-Loghin (ENSP); Katie Kemper (Global Bridges)

<strong>Topics and presenters:</strong>

Just what the doctor ordered: principles of HCP advocacy. Joshua Abrams, Director, Eurasia Programs, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.
Making an impact on policy: personal perspective. Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Lozano, ENSP President.
Skills development session. Olga Knorre, Advocacy and Media Coordinator, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

<strong>Session Objective and Overview:</strong>

Global Bridges is a worldwide network of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and organisations dedicated to advancing tobacco dependence treatment. While the primary focus of our work is cessation support (Article 14), healthcare professionals can add a uniquely credible and impactive voice to advocacy in other policy areas, such as smokefree policy or tobacco taxation. The objective of this session is to raise awareness among HCPs of the broader impact they can have through advocacy, prepare them with necessary skills, and inspire them to seek opportunities for skills development.

<strong>Presentation Abstracts:</strong>

1. Just what the doctor ordered: principles of HCP advocacy (10 minutes). Joshua Abrams, Director, Eurasia Programs, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.
Presentation will describe how health care professionals can leverage their unique expertise and credibility to have a positive impact on comprehensive tobacco control policy. The health care professional’s responsibility as a positive role model will also be addressed. Examples and case studies from around the world will be provided.

2. Making an impact on policy: personal perspective (20 minutes). Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Lozano, President, European Network on Smoking and Tobacco Prevention.
Dr Lozano, a dentist and passionate advocate, will share his personal advocacy experience, including initial motivation to participate, overcoming barriers and setbacks, skills required, and results of participation in terms of policy advancement.

3. Skills development session (60 minutes). Olga Knorre, Advocacy and Media Coordinator, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Hands-on workshop to develop participant skills in key areas, including target audience and message development, working with the media, coalition building, government relations/lobbying, and using the evidence base.

a. Presentation (20 minutes)
– Overview of work with media;
– Overview of outreach to government;
– Key messages in communication with the media and with the government.

b.Small Group Work: Writing key messages on a given topic. (20 minutes)
Participants are divided into several groups of 4-5 people. They receive cards describing the situation for which they need to develop key messages for different audiences:
– for the media
– for partner organizations that need to be involved in cooperation
– for decision makers

c. Report out with Discussion and Advice. (20 minutes)

Due to the format of the session we kindly suggest to pre-register for the workshop by sending an email to <a href=””>the Organising Committee.</a>

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