The first ENSP Tobacco Free Advent Calendar 2022 is officially launched!

Tobacco Free Advent Calendar? You might be wondering what that is supposed to mean. Initiated a few weeks ago, end of November 2022, by Darius Lotrean, member of the ENSP Next Youth Group, this project aimed to create an informational campaign that should take place over 24 days*. 

From 1 December, people from all over the world will be able to access the digital campaign on a daily basis via a link that will be posted on the ENSP network website and on the ENSP’s social media accounts. By providing information on various tobacco control and smoking prevention topics, with a focus on environmental aspects, every person, young and older, regardless of their prior knowledge, will not only learn the basic information on these topics but also have the opportunity to interact with the content provided and delve deeper into each topic through the included materials.

Towards a new generation of tobacco control advocates

This project started its first day with a special topic, raising awareness of tobacco as one of the main risk factors for HIV/AIDS. Each year, over 8 million people die from tobacco use and almost one million from HIV/AIDS. Modern antiretroviral treatment substantially increases the life expectancy of HIV patients. They live as long as non-HIV-infected people.

Unfortunately, most HIV patients smoke cigarettes and many are chain smokers and, therefore, are at a high risk of lung cancer and other smoking-attributable diseases. In many countries, there are no tobacco control and smoking cessation campaigns, strategies and programs, guidelines and services addressed to HIV-infected and AIDS patients.  Now, it is an urgent need to change it. ENSP calls for closing these gaps on World AIDS Day and offers support to ENSP members and experts to strengthen all efforts and activities in this area.

Therefore, with a short “avant-goût”, the project’s main goal is to raise awareness among young people, encourage tobacco cessation, and foster engagement in the field of tobacco control and prevention. Thanks to international collaborations, this Advent calendar is being translated into Armenian, Spanish, Romanian, and Italian.

Have a great Christmastime with us while following our campaign! 

*Armenian Translation will be organized according to the Julian calendar, therefore its official launch will follow in the coming days. For further information please consult the Website of the Turipanjian College of Health Science 


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